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Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc septic tank installation

Septic Tank

If you are looking for excavation contractors that know how to install, remove, and expose septic tanks, look no further than Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc. Offering the finest septic tank installation services, we are here to assist you.

Schedule our value-driven and client-approved septic tank services today. Our phone number is (707) 544-0303 and we cannot wait to serve you.

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Say Yes to Our Septic Tank Services

No one wants to be told that their septic tank installation is going to take an entire week—and they certainly don't want to be told that the process is going to cost a lot of money. With us, you don't have to worry about either scenario. Here, we conduct our excavation and septic tank services with unrivaled ease, ensuring unbeatable turnarounds for rates you can manage.

We offer a full suite of septic tank services, ensuring you'll never have to turn anywhere else for your septic and excavation needs. Some of these include:

  • Septic tank installation
  • Septic system maintenance
  • Septic tank replacements and removals
  • And more

Look to us for all of your septic tank services and more.

Site Work Made Simple

Excavating a property to install or access a septic tank requires more than a lot of heavy-duty equipment. Projects of this magnitude require a lot of skill, too. Being the region's most experienced professionals, we are confident you'll find no one better to serve you than us. We make quick and easy work of land clearing, site work, foundation excavation, and everything in the between.

Is it time to dig up the old septic tank and install a new one on the property? Look to the professionals at Dirt Dudes for first-rate service. We promise you won't regret it.

Save Big on Septic Tank Installs

When there is an opportunity to save money on property improvements and site work, you take it. Where do the property owners in our area turn when they want to save big on the sept tank installation services? They turn to us. We price our services fairly, we work quickly, and we never fall victim to workplace delays. Our emphasis on project planning ensures we sidestep all the setbacks that waste valuable time.

Septic systems are the perfect option for anyone looking to be eco-friendly, save some money, and be in control of their own waste management. At Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc, we believe that whether you need a new septic system installation, maintenance, or repair/replacement of an existing system, that should not cost you a lot of time or money. Providing our local clients with affordable excavation services is something we’ve been doing for years, and plan to keep doing. So, next time you’re looking for local excavating contractors who can get the job done right, quickly, without sacrificing quality, pick up the phone and call Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc.

Septic Installation Excellence

If you're building on a piece of property in a new development, there probably isn't a septic tank buried under the lawn. You will have to install that septic tank before you get the rest of the building project underway. We are the ones to call when you reach that stage of the development process.

Every Step of the Way

From start to finish, we pride ourselves on being able to provide full-service excavation no matter what the project. That means, we’ll assist in the assessment and design, installation, and clean-up on every project. Armed with years of experience and the most cutting-edge machinery, we’re capable of tackling any job, large or small.


Preparing the site is a crucial step when it comes to septic tank installation. We’ll walk through your property to locate the best spot for the tank. Ideally this spot will have a lot of space for the drain field, and it will be lower than your home for proper drainage.


Installation will start by digging the hole your tank will fit into. We’ll also work setting up piping systems to promote proper waste drainage. Additional drainage ditches will be dug after. During this process we will act carefully so as not to disturb any other part of your property. We conduct assessments in record time, and we do so without rushing through our duties. We are methodical and meticulous every step of the way.

Septic Tank Removal

Our community members love our approach to the septic tank installation process. We preserve the integrity of properties and handle new septic systems with care—but that's not all. Here, we are also adept at removing and disposing of old septic tanks. Consider us your full-service earthmoving and septic tank experts. 


As you can imagine there will be a good deal of earth left over after the installation. At Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc, we’re prepared for anything! We’ll haul everything away in our earthmoving truck so that you don’t have to deal with the mess. Don’t put your faith in excavation companies that don’t promise this—they’re likely to leave you with a big pile of dirt to handle on your own.

Waste Management Cost

Like with anything, we understand our clients’ interest in the cost of septic tank installation. While we can provide a range of cost options, to determine more accurately how much you’ll be spending, we like to meet on-site to provide you with a free no-obligation estimate. However, depending on the size of your home, family, and orientation of your property you could be looking at spending between $1,500 and $4,000, or more. To some this may seem pricey, but when you consider the benefits, it’s well-worth it. At Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc, we believe in this investment, as it will save you in the long-run!

We’re Ready for Your Call

When you’re ready to pick up the phone or open up that laptop to get in touch with us, we’re ready to talk to you! Whether you’re looking for the best septic tank installation, septic tank replacement, or maintenance and repair, with free estimates every time, Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc is the company for you. Pick up that phone and dial today, we can’t wait to help you out!