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Excavation is not something that everyone does well, but it is our specialty. We have been Santa Rosa’s best excavators for many years. Our success can be attributed to our expertise and knowledge in the field combined with our extremely high work ethic. Most of our clients inevitably call us back for future projects because the quality of work can’t be beat.

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Quick, Effective Excavation Services

Every construction project begins with excavation if it is to be done properly. The reason many construction contractors hire out their excavation requirements is because it takes the touch of a specialist to get the job done precisely. That is exactly what we are here for.

Whether you are a homeowner, home builder, or commercial construction contractor, our services will be ideal for any project that requires us to break ground or move earth. Once we show up on site, all you must do is sit back and watch us do our thing.

Excavation Contractor with Years of Experience

Experience in this industry matters. Our years of providing successful, satisfactory services to our clients did not come easy. We had to learn a lot on the way, but at this point in our career, we are prepared to handle any obstacle with grace and spot it before it comes over the horizon.

When you are dealing with a construction project, chances are you are dealing with a significant amount of money. You cannot afford to have an amateur mess the project up, and that is why you need to call Santa Rosa’s best excavation contractors: Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc.

Full Suite of Land Excavation Services

Our excavation services cover everything you might need them for. We have been at this for so long, and our fleet of excavation equipment is so versatile and diverse that there isn't a job we are not ready to knock out of the park. Get in touch for excavation expertise for services such as:

  • Driveway excavation
  • Site work
  • Pond digging and filling
  • Sewers and underground utilities
  • Rock breaking and removal
  • Cisterns
  • Septic tanks
  • General excavation

Have a project in mind that isn’t mentioned above? No problem! This list is by no means exhaustive. We’re capable of taking on all sorts of projects—big or small. Simply look over our website or feel free to contact us for further services.

How to Choose the Right Excavation Company

When you need land excavated, getting it done by a professional company is the best way to ensure damage is not done in the process. As such, if you have a project on the horizon that requires excavating services, it's best to know which company is the best one for your needs. Here are some tips on choosing the right excavation company:

Word of Mouth
One of the best ways to find an excavation company is to ask around. Talk to your friends, family, and local businesses about their experience working with different companies. You will likely hear about some great companies you would never have known otherwise.

Online Reviews
One of the quickest ways to vet any company is by examining its online reviews. Search for the top excavation company in your local area, and you will be presented with results from displaying companies with the most reviews.

Check Business Licensing & Certification
Before hiring any excavation company, make sure they have proper licensing and certification. This will ensure they are qualified to work on your project and insured for work-related accidents.

Get a Quote Request Completed
Once you have created a short list of top companies, request a service quote to determine which fits your project budget.

If you are in the Santa Rosa area and need an excavation company, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote, along with proof of relevant licensing and certifications. We employ some of the best extractor drivers in the area and are happy to show you the value they will bring to your project.

Excavation Equipment You Can Rely On

It's important to have the right equipment, especially for an excavation project. You can rely on our excavation company for quality service. When we are hired to do a job, we will have all the equipment to carry out our duties professionally and efficiently. Our vast inventory of equipment always comes in handy, and we have something for all project sizes.

If you're looking for a reliable excavation company to handle your project, you've come to the right place. Give us a call to discuss the specifics.

Honest, Reliable Excavation Company

As a company committed to honesty and transparency, we will provide you with a quote before our shovels touch the ground, so you can be sure you’re getting the most competitive price in Santa Rosa. Our clients often comment on how much they appreciate our straightforward approach to excavation. We remove all the financial guesswork, allowing you to focus on how beautiful your property will be rather than how much it will cost. Every team member is skilled in all areas of excavation, and because they are extensively experienced, we can work on projects of all sizes. When the job is complete, we make sure to leave the area in an orderly state, so you can move seamlessly onto the next phase of your project rather than wasting time and money cleaning up the unneeded mess.

With us, you can enjoy the benefits of a hiccup-free excavation service so you can focus on all other areas of your project.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of work that we provide, and we want to help you make sure your project goes smoothly, and more importantly – safely.

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