Petaluma Rock Breakers

Need rock or concrete removal services on your Petaluma property? While we understand it can be tempting to take a jackhammer to it yourself, as demolition contractors we recommend investing in profession assistance. At the most competitive rates around, Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc makes that easy.

Rock demolition and breaking up concrete can sound like simple tasks but especially in the case of rocks at times a boulder may be so large that low-level explosives will need to be involved. In situations like this, you can rely on our licensed and bonded team to show up with the right equipment as well as trucks to haul away the debris when we’re done. 

For residential or commercial properties, large or small projects, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free estimate of services.

Rock Demolition

When it comes to rock demolition you may be surprised at the variety of methods available to get those natural formations off of your property.


Drilling into a large boulder, we then fill it with mixed chemicals that over 24 hours expand, splitting the rock at multiple points and making it simple to haul away.


Similar to the expansion method, a jackhammer can be used to chisel away sections of rock and are generally more effective on mid-sized boulders.


As a last resort, explosives may be used to deal with large and difficult boulders. Using all safety precautions, we create spaces at weak points of the stone and insert low-grade explosives.

Some of our Petaluma clients come to us needing a volume of smaller rocks removed, which we are also able to accomplish with our hauling trucks. No matter what the size rock, we can get rid of it!

Concrete Removal

Installing a beautiful stamped concrete patio or that fresh driveway can be rewarding at the time, but what about when you’re left with a property that you’d rather landscape in a different direction? You don’t have to work around concrete features as a part of your yard design, you can destroy them entirely and start from scratch!

At Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc, we’ll carefully cover concrete before proceeding to break it apart, to minimize flying debris and shrapnel that curt harm those around us or your home. Then we’ll work to either pry and break, or jackhammer the surface depending on how difficult it is to break apart.

Often there will be reinforcement wires that show up as the concrete is broken. Using bolt cutters we’ll cut any wire or mesh within the broken concrete, then remove it all from your yard, and cover the space with your preference of dirt, gravel, or sod.

Start Fresh Today

Residential or commercial, if you are a property owner you want to make your property unique. If you’re located in Petaluma and need a licensed, bonded, and experienced team for rock and concrete excavation services, just give Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc a call.

We’re on hand to provide free estimates for services, at no obligation to you! Just pick up that phone or open up your e-mail and let’s get chatting.