Pond Excavation in Napa

Whether you want to build a pond to house fish, create an all-natural ecosystem, or to dip your feet in on a hot day, Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc is able to help you out every step of the way.

Outfitted with the most up-to-date equipment and experienced in techniques that allow us to work efficiently within a deadline and sticking to a budget, Napa homeowners can rely on us when they need pond excavation contractors.

When it comes to building a backyard pond, there are a lot of rewards, but a lot of obstacles to be aware of along the way, and by working with pond building pros, you can be certain we’ll handle all the tough parts properly!

Dedicated and Creative Craftsmanship

A team that love the work they’re doing will produce work that shows that. At Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc, every one of our fully licensed and bonded pond contractors enjoy the entire process.

From keeping themselves constantly educated on the latest in design, equipment, techniques, and technology, they are able to provide you with the best service in Napa.

The Process of Pond Building

Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc is a full-service pond construction outfit. From assessment and design to excavation and cleanup, we do it all!

Pond building is a lot more than just digging a hole, which is why it’s important to have professionals on your side.


Before anything else, we’ll do a number of assessments. At the beginning of our partnership we’ll give you a free basic assessment for services. From there, we’ll need to test soil for clay content, and get a rough idea about wait awaits us beneath the surface of your property!


Why do ponds need ledges? Imagine a person or an animal accidentally stepping into the pond. A ledge will stop them from going straight to the bottom and risking a serious injury. When building a pond by yourself, you may not have the proper equipment or experience to build ledges but at Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc, we have both.


Of course, we deal with any problems that can come up—and some are inevitable. Soil can be made of too much clay, be full of rocks, or sandy and loose—or worst of all—have a strong layer of bedrock that needs to be dug through.

But, small or large, complicated or simple, we’ve been accomplishing flawless backyard pond construction for Napa homeowners for many years and are excited to start working with you!

Let’s Hear From You!

Have questions? Concerns? Want to meet with us and get a better idea of what we’re offering and how we can help you? Not a problem.

Just pick up the phone or send us an e-mail and get in touch with us today. At Dirt Dudes Excavating Inc, we value high-quality customer service as much as we value high-quality pond excavation.

You’ll always be able to speak to an actual person, and we’ll be able to book a free in-home, no-obligation estimate for services within the week!